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What is ZeroWork Creator App?

Using the power of our No-Code Creator App, build your TaskBots, incorporating conditional logic to allow for detailed processes that truly automate tasks for your users. Develop TaskBots that are automated and proprietary and sell them in the ZeroWork marketplace.


The zero-code ZeroWork Creator app allows you to create TaskBots and sell them in the marketplace, making it a no-code solution. Using the ZeroWork Creator App, you can develop logic-based workflows that mimic human actions for repetitive tasks. Through the use of TaskBots, their organization can automate a variety of tasks, including searching, typing, and clicking buttons. By using our software, you’ll be able to collect information from social profiles, send DMs across platforms, and manage ad spend for Facebook ads with ease.

The ZeroWork Marketplace offers a convenient way to sell TaskBots that you build, as they are sold in zero work markets such as TaskBots built by the Creator App. Design workflows based on design principles to create TaskBots that closely imitate human actions. By setting your TaskBot to run on a timetable, you can easily adjust workflows to suit your needs. To increase the variety of text inputs made by TaskBots and maintain the security of your social media accounts, task automation should be randomized in timing.

Configure TaskBot workflows and implement Spintax to alter social media text inputs. Through conditional logic, you’ll be able to perform complex social media actions automatically and gather valuable data as a result. Create conditional logic in your workflows to filter data based on specific criteria. Develop your SaaS product without the need for a developer!


  • Use a no-code tool to build automated TaskBots and sell them in the ZeroWork marketplace
  • Use conditional logic to build proprietary workflows that don’t need to be customized for individual users
  • Best for Freelancers, Marketing agencies and SaaS
  • Alternative to PhantomBuster


  • No-code builder to create TaskBots
  • Condition-based logic to set daily or weekly DMs or profile visits
  • Unlimited local executions of your TaskBots with a lightweight agent installed on your desktop
  • Run TaskBots in the background
  • Unlimited parallel run of multiple TaskBots
  • Save or process data in data tables
  • Manipulate data by removing words, splitting, extracting, or converting formats
  • Send or receive data with configurable API calls to or from any other platform
  • Native Google Sheets integration
  • Webhook triggers (integrate TaskBots to your own Zapier and Make workflows—BETA)
  • Send ready-to-use TaskBots to client accounts with one click
  • Publish TaskBots on the marketplace and generate recurring revenue
  • Scheduler executed by the local agent (BETA)


This deal provides lifetime access to 75 TaskBots for $79 Only

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