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Business overview

What is Voxpopme?

  • Voxpopme is a video survey software designed to help businesses capture customer feedback, share qualitative insights with stakeholders, and streamline decision-making processes.
  • Administrators can explore themes within video research projects, view summaries of clients’ responses, and generate showreels with or without background music according to requirements.
  • Voxpopme enables businesses to convert qualitative feedback into deliverables using video editing and sharing capabilities.
  • The platform caters to various use cases such as focus groups, hybrid research, in-store testing, net promoter score (NPS) surveys, and more.
  • Managers can also filter videos based on demographics to analyze targeted segments and understand customers’ emotions based on created, managed, and delivered experiences.
  • Voxpopme’s video analytics capabilities help supervisors gain insights into key metrics and trends to identify highlights within client experiences and convert detractors to promoters.
  • Customers can also share video feedback across various touchpoints on a unified platform.
  • We help our customers build great brands, products, and experiences by connecting with onsumers through real-time video feedback.
  • The Voxpopme platform is where the action happens.


  • Voxpopme uses video surveys to capture real customer feedback and automatically organizes responses in a searchable library.
  • Pick from a library of ready-made survey templates designed to collect rich, self-recorded responses at everyone’s convenience.
  • The Voxpopme platform is where the action happens. Our best-in-class technology is intuitive, secure, and makes video infinitely scalable.
  • We help market research and customer experience professionals capture customer-recorded videos at speed, analyze at scale, and share with ease – powering great decisions and customer-closeness.
  • With Voxpopme, every data point used to make decisions can be backed up by the real human story.


  • Quickly generate video surveys and create a searchable library full of self-recorded customer responses
  • Automatically analyze and transcribe recordings, organize content by theme, and put together highlight reels of key moments


  • Automated video transcription and analysis
  • Build your own video surveys
  • Insights dashboard and interactive data charts
  • Curate lists
  • Tags and annotations
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Automated theme coding
  • Build custom showreel
  • Zoom integration
  • 1-minute video responses
  • 3 video questions per survey


Gain access to all the Voxpopme platform has to offer with support & collaboration, ideal for large insights teams. Benefit from unlimited video usage, and a full suite of capture methods including our expanded integration network to incorporate video anywhere you’re collecting feedback.


This deal provides lifetime access for 50 video survey completes per monthfor $69only

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