VidTags – VidTags video hosting and marketing platform leverages advances in AI technology.




Business overview

What is VidTags?

  • VidTags is an Ai-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, Tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating the marketing video/audio contents super easy.
  • A brand new, video platform that uses the power of Ai to Supercharge the video engagement, get more views, and increase sales.The world of digital marketing changes all the time.
  • But one development that appears to be here to stay is the value of video marketing.
  • Two-thirds of marketers plan to increase their video spend this year to accommodate the rapidly growing consumer demand.
  • People want to spend less time reading about products and more time watching.


  • VidTags video hosting and marketing platform leverages advances in AI technology to get you more views, longer watch times, better engagement and sales.
  • Import videos from Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL, or your computer
  • Translate your AV files into 35+ languages with a click
  • Generate AI powered human-like audio from text, audio to text, or a blog post and make it searchable
  • Index, organize and create an interactive actionable table of contents (iAToC) for every segment and talking point of your entire AV library in minutes
  • Browser Language Detector – Viewers see your videos in their default language first
  • VidTags Video Editing – Like editing a text document


  • Connect And Import Videos From Youtube, Zoom, Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox, Or Your Computer Right Into Your Dashboard.
  • Customize Your Marketing Video And Audio Players Without Any Design Or Coding Skills Needed.
  • Create An Interactive Actionable Table Of Contents For Your Videos Or Audios.
  • Transcribe Your Videos And Audios And Make Your Content Searchable.
  • Your Viewer Can Now Search Any Point Of Your Video Or Audio To Start Watching From That Point.
  • Translate and Have Your Video Content in Over 35 Different Languages.
  • Generate Ai-powered Audio From Text & Audio To Text, Make It Searchable, And Translate It To Multiple Languages.
  • Automatically Convert Any Blog Post To Audio.
  • Embed Your VidTags Content On Your Website Without Any Coding.
  • Download Your Video, Audio, Or Transcript With A Click.
  • Embed Your Collection Of Videos/Audios Or Zoom Sections, Courses, Or Training Sections In A Gallery Format On Your Website.
  • Get Real-time Analytics And Find Out Who Is Watching Your Videos, Where They’re From, And How Long They Are Watching.
  • Create Collections Of Video Or Podcast Pages.
  • Viewers Can React To Your Video, Share And Download With Restrictions That You Control.
  • 1-Click Share Any Video Or Audio Via Direct Link, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Or Reddit, etc.
  • Built-In SEO For Easy Content Ranking.


  • Alternative to Rev
  • Best for Content creators, Marketing agencies and Online coaches


This deal provides lifetime access to AI-powered text to speech, audio to text & blog posts to support for $59only

VidTags video hosting and marketing platform leverages advances in AI technology

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