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Business overview

VideoTouch fully automates the collection and display of video testimonials so that you can receive endorsements from more clients in less time.

You can embed them directly on your website, Shopify, WordPress, WIX website, and more with VideoTouch carousel player that works on any web platform. VideoTouch gives you a complete tool for collecting, sharing and managing real video testimonials from your customers.

How it works

Create your campaign

How it works

  • Create a campaign and decide whether you want to collect video or text testimonials. You can also include a form to gather further information like social profiles and job titles.
  • Add incentives such discounts and promotional offers to increase customer’s participation rate

Share your unique link

  • We generate a unique link that you can share via email or social media.
  • Your customers can record on any desktop and mobile device directly from their browser without logging in or using an additional app

Share the testimonials

  • Once a customer has submitted their testimonial you will be notified via email.
  • To share the testimonials you can download them to your desktop, link to the hosted video or generate a custom video widget for your website with our service for free


  • Capture user-generated video testimonials from your clients in a few simple clicks.
  • Customize instructions with text or video message and even your branding.
  • No login, app downloads, or coding required.
  • Carousel player that works on any web platform.


  • We offer ad-free hosting for all your video testimonials
  • Seamless user experience – We make it easy for your customers to record and submit testimonials with any device
  • Spend time focusing on your product while we help collect testimonials
  • Use a professional service that’s optimized for video testimonials


  • 50 video testimonials received per month
  • Unlimited custom video collection campaigns
  • Download videos, Video hosting
  • Ad-free hosting & embedding included
  • Quickly create highlight reels for engaging social media ads
  • Video carousel player on your website
  • Capture user lead info
  • Tagging & filtering videos for easy use
  • Video submission notifications
  • Customized thank you page with links and Calls to Action (Google, FB, or Amazon)


This deal provide lifetime access at $69 for all above features

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Price: $69

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Founded: 2021

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