Video Calling API – Easy embed Video Calling API for low code developer tools for your website and app. 




Business overview

What is Video Calling API?

  • To improve productivity and connectivity, A video calling feature can be integrated into any Web browser and mobile application with RTC via APIs .
  • In this modernized world, Technology enhanced communication has already taken Place and will surely Upgrade in the Future.
  • The use of mobile gadgets has surged at a rapid pace.
  • The world is growing to step into the digital world where everything is accessible with just a few easy clicks through Video calling API.
  • Behind the triumph of any company, there is a huge increase in digitalization.
  • Now all of us prefer virtual communication not willingly but rather than giving a physical appearance.
  • After the Covid Booster shot , Virtual seems better.
  • There are many prestigious organizations working on the aspect of virtual communication.
  • The internet is flooded with so many video calling applications.
  • These kits are developed by the software development kits that help us to communicate with the clients, corporates, and families.
  • Because of these tools, Virtual meets becomes easy and efficient without any lags.


  • A video calling API is a plug-and-play component that can be added to an existing web or mobile application to create a live audio and visual communication experience for users.
  • Build Your Own Interactive Video Calling App with ZEGOCLOUD’s Communications APIs. Create Diverse and Exciting Online Social Experiences. 10,000 Minutes Free Per Month.
  • Video SDK is an API that enables developers to easily build live audio & video experiences in any platform within minutes. Try now – it’s free!


  • Easy Embed video calling API for low code developer tools for your website and app
  • Add our super easy-embed video calling APIs and witness an increased engagement
  • Sets a video conference in your application in no more than 10 minutes
  • Easily add video chat API & video conferencing API with screen sharing, recording, and much more


  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label

Best for

  • Developers
  • IT/security agencies
  • SaaS


This deal provides lifetime access for Prebuilt UI code for 5-minute integration for $14.99only

 Video Calling API Embed video calls on your website Lifetime Deal pricing plans

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