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Business overview

Customer support that’s not quick and convenient is like a frozen dinner that can’t be microwaved—unnecessarily difficult.

Even with the right communication tools, managing an influx of requests across a service team and planning ongoing support appointments gets messy fast.

Luckily, there’s an all-in-one customer service assistance platform that makes user communication quick and easy again.

Vicodo is the CRM application where remote meets personal, empowering you to capture customers through live chats and video calls.

Vicodo’s interface allows you to add live communication to your customer service experience by offering a video call tool, live chat app, CRM platform, and booking calendar all in one.

After all, outdated customer communication is like putting cherry tomatoes in a fruit salad: it’s not wrong, but it’s definitely not right.

You can provide instant chat and video meetings or generate unique links for appointments sent to customers as one-click URLs for accessible meetings.

Simply paste white label code into an existing website and personalize with custom logos, fonts, colors, and more. 

Customize white label features with brand-specific colors, fonts, logos, and more.

Made for groups, the team dashboard allows you to create operator profiles, decide when employees are available, and share workflow progress.

Then, set custom operating hours for your business or customer service teams based on individual preferences. 

You can even go beyond text with the ability to share documents, images, and videos through the chat software, plus group related attachments using tags.

An intuitive dashboard for you and your team means no more getting lost in communication.

The calendar integration gives you the chance to view upcoming and planned meetings for workflow oversight and team management.

Send reminders to meeting attendees via application-based emails or share the link with them directly through your communication method of choice.

Vicodo integrates into existing calendars for synchronized appointment scheduling.

It’s time to start pushing engagement with your consumer base. (And live communication is the shiny 15-carat diamond ring you’ve got to woo them.)

Vicodo is an immediate and personal solution to your customer contact hiccups, and offers improved communication and satisfaction.


  • Plan customer chats and video calls and send invites via email—or let site visitors book appointments themselves
  • Alternative to: SightCall and TechSee
  • Add a white label live widget to your page for higher conversions and brand reliability
  • Best for: Shop owners, support reps, and sales teams seeking more personal customer communication through live chat and video
  • Related categories: Client Management, Video, Support


  • Unlimited 1:1 video calls
  • Unlimited chats
  • White labeling for bookings and invite pages
  • API and webhook access
  • Live chat and video website widget
  • Personal calendar booking page
  • 1 Google Calendar connection per user


This deal provides lifetime acccess Unlimited live video minutes per month for $79 only

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Price: $79

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