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Vadootv Player


Business overview

Grow your business reach with ad-free video hosting on high-speed, secure servers.


  • Record or host your ad-free videos on a secured cloud and deliver through high-speed CDNs
  • Alternative to: Vidyard and Loom
  • Customize the player to match your brand, collect leads, and add CTAs to improve conversions
  • Best for: Marketers, sales professionals, and content creators who want to create and share lightning-fast videos without ads


Get secure cloud-based video hosting with fast load times via high-speed CDNs

Unlike other video hosting platforms, Vadootv Player gets it, allowing you to host your videos ad-free on its platform.

Vadootv Player delivers fast load times using high-speed CDNs spread across the world for bandwidth optimization.

Customize your video player’s colors, skin, and thumbnails to match your brand for a seamless user experience

Add strategically placed CTAs to encourage users to take specific actions based on the video content.

Post videos on your website, embed them in emails, or easily share them across your social media channels

Vadootv Player makes it easy to share your videos across channels. Embed videos on your website or blog or send them in an email to make sure they’re visible to your leads and customers. You can also push your videos directly to your favorite social media channels.

Use custom landing pages to hold viewers’ attention without competing ads or videos

Your content will be the focus of your viewer’s attention with no random ads or suggested videos stealing your thunder.

Vadootv Player’s security options let you grant access only to the people you want watching your content

Use HLS encryption and advanced sharing settings with password-protected videos and domain restrictions to make sure the right people have access to your content.

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