UUKI – Build Web3 communities where you can host discussions, create event pages, and sell content

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Business overview

UUKI is a modern community platform where likeminded users can engage in insightful discussions and share content.

With UUKI, creators can build communities for Web3 enthusiasts interested in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, educational courses, and products.

UUKI is built for Web3, so it can integrate with crypto wallets like Metamask—which is a bonus for cryptocurrency owners.The platform lets creators showcase NFTs minted on different blockchains like Etherium and Polygon, and you can even have a community that uses NFT-based membership.

UUKI also features powerful management and moderation tools to protect against spam, abuse, and harmful posting for safe communities.


  • Create a white-label Web3 community where audiences can interact and engage on topics like NFTs and crypto
  • Alternative to: Circle, Mighty Networks, and Facebook Groups
  • Monetize your community by selling content via one-time or subscription payments
  • Best for: Web3 creators, brands, and businesses looking to build online communities where members can connect and collaborate


  • Unlimited members and storage
  • Unlimited public spaces
  • Event management
  • Moderation and reporting
  • Profile pages


This deal gives lifetime access for UUKI was starts at $79 for 1 community,3 private spaces.

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $79

Business KPI

Founded: 2021


Moz DA: 15

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