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Business overview

Usetiful is a digital adoption platform that helps you craft onboarding experiences that reduce user churn.

The tool’s product tours are a fun and simple way to onboard your customers and help them understand your product.You can create product tours easily with a no-code visual editor, complete with pictures and videos, tip balloons, pointers, modals, slideouts, and custom triggers and delayers.

Smart Tips are helpful UI elements that subtly guide users toward taking specific actions without disrupting their journey.

Usetiful also helps you simplify even the most complex forms and processes by adding hints that increase retention rate and improve the quality of user data inputs.


  • Onboard your customers with interactive, white-labeled product tours, checklists, and hotspots
  • Alternative to: Appcues, WalkMe, and Whatfix
  • Highlight new features and prevent form input issues with dynamic tooltips
  • Best for: Product managers and UX designers who want to demonstrate product value and improve user retention


  • Unlimited product tours
  • Unlimited smart tips and hotspots
  • Unlimited user onboarding checklists
  • Support for multiple sites or domains
  • Whitelabeling including custom CSS


Get lifetime access for 5000 assists per month just starts at $59 only.

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Price: $59

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