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Business overview

Upfeed is a user feedback tool that helps companies understand their customers’ needs in order to prioritize product development.

Users can upvote ideas, which lets you see which suggestions get the most votes and avoid wasting time building the wrong features.Keep the feedback loop going with users by employing the public changelog, automated emails notifications, and internal comments.

Using the real-time manager console, you can stay on top of your internal feedback workflow in one place.Plus, invite teammates to hop in on your project, collaborate, and build feedback boards.With this project management tool, you’ll be able to hash out all your ideas and prioritize them as a team.

Upfeed is your user feedback tool for truly understanding your customers’ needs, so you can prioritize features that really make a difference.


  • Give your customers a voice with powerful feedback tools and feature voting
  • Alternative to: UserVoice
  • Keep users updated on your product developments with public roadmaps
  • Best for: Product managers and business owners who want to understand users’ needs and increase customer retention


  • Unlimited feedback
  • Unlimited votes
  • Embed boards


Get lifetime access for Upfeed Start at $59 only.

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