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Business overview

As a coach, it’s hard to support and keep track of all your clients’ needs. (“Okay, so you had the personal development series, you had the career pathing course, and you ordered the salmon.”)

Imagine a modern transformation platform that manages your community, meetings, and courses, so you’re able to scale your impact chaos-free.

Upcoach is a modern transformation platform that lets you build and manage your coaching program with courses, chat, meetings, and tasks.

Create courses with multiple modules and lessons. You can even choose the pace for completing each course by making it all available at once or dripping it out over time.

Create courses and assign to-dos, habits, and worksheets to ensure clients are learning and staying engaged.

Upcoach lets you build out your program with a drag-and-drop editor, so you can create your own no-code layout.

You’ll be able to build a variety of program types, including one-on-one programs, group programs, cohorts, and masterminds.

It’s super easy to lay everything out for your program using the drag-and-drop editor.

Create a meeting agenda from scratch or use a premade template to keep your meetings or events running smoothly. This also gives your clients a place to ask questions and collect wins.

Keep everyone on the same page by organizing and scheduling meetings with agendas, right from the platform.

With upcoach, you’re able to track any client’s progress and engagement using a Kanban board—making this more than a passive consumption system.

You can also encourage social accountability and add motivation by allowing members to see each other’s commitments.

And because communication is so important for community-building, upcoach lets you chat with clients using one-on-one, group, and admin chat features.

Track client progress with to-dos, habits, and worksheets that help them stay motivated!


  • Build customized online coaching programs with tasks, program templates, meetings and agendas, and habits
  • Alternative to: Kajabi, Teachable, and WordPress
  • Manage all clients and groups from one platform, so no information falls through the cracks
  • Best for: Business, lifestyle, and education coaches who want to systemize and streamline their coaching programs


  • Courses and training
  • Program builder
  • Agenda and meetings
  • Accountability and encouragement tools
  • Communication
  • Client management
  • Brand customization
  • Administration and integration
  • Templates


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