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Business overview

UIlicious is a low-code tool that lets you test user journeys for your website and monitor results across browsers.

With UIlicious, you can schedule automated tests and verify specific user journeys to ensure your product works flawlessly.

The platform’s intuitive test language is designed to be approachable and user-friendly for non-coders, so you don’t need to inspect HTML code or learn cryptic jargon.

Catching defects is crucial to prevent consumer issues, and Ullicious helps you hook tests up to your deployment pipeline to ensure that bugs are caught immediately.

The monitoring dashboard lets you identify the status of all tests and look out for potential issues.


  • Schedule automated tests and verify all types of scenarios hassle-free
  • Alternative to: Cypress
  • Catch defects and get instant notifications with detailed test reports
  • Best for: Software testers, trained programmers, and manual testers looking to automate their vetting process


  • Data-driven testing with variables
  • Test on different screen resolutions
  • Geolocation testing in various locations
  • Schedule automated tests
  • Get instant notifications
  • See test run history
  • Send webhooks
  • Screenshot at every step of the test
  • Share your reports in two clicks
  • Export in PDF, JSON, CSV, or image formats
  • Auto-redact sensitive information


This deal provides lifetime access starts at $59 for 2 concurrencies,10 testing regions.

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Satus: Active

Price: $59

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Founded: 2016


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Moz DA: 31

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