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Without customer reviews on your site, building trust with prospects feels like you’re spreading rumors.

It’s not like you don’t have any reviews to show off—they’re just scattered across multiple platforms and difficult to embed on your website.

Trustbucket lets you automatically collect customer reviews from multiple sources and embed them on your website.

With Trustbucket, you’ll be able to display customer reviews from multiple sources using an embeddable widget for your website.

You can customize the widget’s layout, background, color, and font, so it fits the look and feel of your brand.

Embed a widget on your website that displays your customer reviews from multiple sources.

Connect to review platforms like Google Reviews, Fresha, and Bokadirekt to start pulling reviews around the clock.

You can automatically download every review onto Trustbucket and set up filters to display the best feedback on your website.

Collect customer reviews from major platforms like Trustpilot, Fresha, and Google Reviews.

You can design automated emails to collect reviews from customers using templates built to boost reply rates.

You’ll also be able to track engagement metrics like open and click rates to optimize your email outreach!

Create your own email template to automatically start requesting reviews from customers.

Connect Trustbucket to your CRM, ecommerce, and invoicing system to automatically send review requests after each purchase.

Not every customer will see your request right away! That’s why you’re able to schedule a follow-up email after 48 hours with no reply.

You can easily keep tabs on which sources get the most reviews and use those insights to convert more visitors into customers.

Send automated email requests to collect reviews from customers without lifting a finger.

Trustbucket makes it easy to collect online reviews and embed them on your website, so you can instantly build trust with visitors.


  • Pull your company’s reviews from multiple sources and embed them on your website
  • Alternative to: Yotpo, Trustpilot, and Google Reviews
  • Send automatic email requests to collect reviews from your customers
  • Best for: Small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers looking for an easier way to aggregate reviews on their websites
  • Related categories: Marketing, Social Media, Data & Analytics


  • Trustbucket reviews page
  • Use widgets to display reviews
  • Connect Google reviews
  • Collect Google reviews
  • Auto-sync reviews every 24 hours
  • Create custom invitation templates
  • Connect reviews from other platforms
  • Collect reviews to use on other platforms


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