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Business overview

Traek is a website insights, analytics and lead generation tool. It provides Insights about website traffic, visitor’s company and the activity they do on your website.

We have inbuilt advanced chatting facility with Realtime insights to make your chatting fruitful and so that you can give your clients the best shot. You can also setup custom feeds based on your requirement to check a particular type of Lead/company.

Also, setup “watch” to get an alert whenever your desired company comes on your website and directly hop on the chat

Why Traek?

Traek enables you to track your website visitors on a real-time basis, and keep a check on their entire lifecycle.

Target, qualify and convert leads – Revenue raising goals of the company require sophisticated marketing teams and tools. We present to you- ‘traek’, whose state-of-the-art tracking scripts allow you to see leads from companies that visited your website thus improving the company’s conversion rate.

Comprehensive valuable data – There are various website-tracking software available online but we are in no way similar to them. Our operations take an entirely different approach. Instead of providing our clients with a bulk of data that might take ages to sort and conclude, we offer you inferential based-real time data, which means that our information is dynamic and keeps on updating as and when changes arise.

Covers entire customer journey – Real time nature of our data helps our users to narrow down their target/potential consumer base and save on resources. Thus creating a unique business environment with quality leads.

Prioritize the leads with the highest potential – Traek is a technology driven company whose purpose is to save its user’s time, money and efforts in generating useful data that could result in quality leads. Create relevant filters to segment the leads that track their moves on a real time basis to effortlessly convert them.

How it Works?

Create a FREE account, and paste the tracking script on your website. Start seeing and tracking leads in just a few seconds.


Close Deals on Real-time Basis

Track the current visitors on your site and which services they are looking for with our Real-time feature. Contact them instantly and assign your sales team member right away. Don’t let a lead get cold.

Identify Exact Service for Leads

Traek dashboard gives you a vital piece of information about your leads by showing up which page are they on. This gives you ample idea which service they want to buy.

Add Multiple Websites and Users

You can easily add multiple properties on Traek, to keep a track on all the visitors. Additionally, you can also add more users, which makes managing the leads a streamlined process.

Find Company’s Contact Details

Even if a company is visiting your website, it doesn’t guarantee they will contact you. Take the initiative and identify all the important information like the company’s name, addresses, and phone numbers and contact them.

Get Visiting Details

Traek allows you to see exactly what your visitors are viewing on your website. You can now discover how they came to your website, their visiting span, and which other pages they visited.

Social Media Profiles

Stay connected with the key people and decision makers of your website visitors through their company social media profile information.

Customize your Leads

Stay connected with the key people and decision makers of your website visitors through their company social media profile information.

Export Lead Information

Your leads generated on Traek aren’t only for using on Traek only. You can easily export the information about your leads to a safe place, and put your best foot forward for building business with them.

Archive your Leads

When you are done interacting with a lead, and it is no longer a potential prospect or beneficial for you, you can simply archive them for later. You won’t lose any information and history of that lead. You can unarchive it when you want.

Notify about New Leads

Traek wants to make sure you never stay behind if a new visitor comes and visit your site. Hence, we make sure we notify you by sending you emails about each new lead. You can decide the frequency on daily, weekly, monthly basis.


This deal gives lifetime access for at $50 with 50 leads per month for each property.

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