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What is tinyEmail?

Email for people with something to say.

  • TinyEmail is the perfect email marketing solution for businesses that need to reach a large audience quickly and easily. It allows you to send interactive emails that engage your customers and convert leads into customers more efficiently than any other email marketing platform available today.
  • One of TinyEmail’s key strengths is its laser-targeted approach. With its powerful search engines, you can find the right subscribers for your brand with ease – no matter where they are in the world or what they’re interested in. You also have complete control over who sees your emails – only those who meet specific criteria will receive them.
  • Furthermore, TinyEmail offers an impressive amount of customization options which let you tailor each email exactly how you want it to look and feel. This means that your messages will be highly engaging, and likely to convert high rates at scale!


TinyEmail is a great email marketing solution because it allows you to send interactive emails that help your brand grow fast. Using AI to generate personalized emails can help your campaigns be more successful. And add dynamic content to your emails like countdown timers, image sliders, and coupons to take your conversion game to the next level. Use templates and AI to quickly craft high-converting, personalized emails.

You can use interactive popups and forms to collect information from visitors to your website or storefront. You can use interactive popups and forms to gather data about your visitors. Grow your list with interactive popups and forms for your website or storefront. Take advantage of predefined and custom segments to send the right messaging. One-click automations trigger emails that welcome subscribers, confirm purchases, and more.


  • Launch high-converting email campaigns using AI and industry-standard templates to capture more leads in record time
  • Integrate with your go-to apps to fine-tune the audience segmentation for your outreach campaigns
  • Best for Ecommerce, Marketers and Small businesses
  • Alternative to Klaviyo, Mailchimp and Omnisend


  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited senders
  • Email marketing
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Integrations and reporting
  • AI subject line generator
  • Automations for Shopify
  • Forms and pop-ups


TinyLetter solves the problem of organizing a streamlined newsletter publishing system without having to use a tool that has too many bells and whistles.


This deal provides lifetime access to 12,000 emails per month for $49 only

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