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Business overview

What is Synthesys?

  • Synthesys is the world’s first-ever software that turns any text into a real human voice-over.
  • With this tool, you can rapidly grow & scale your business using next-generation Synthetic Speech Technology.
  • Synthesys is on the leading edge of developing algorithms for text to voiceover and videos for commercial use.
  • Imagine being able to enhance your website explainer videos or product tutorials in a matter of minutes with the aid of a natural human voice.
  • Synthesys Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology transform your script into vibrant and dynamic media presentations.
  • Using clear, natural voiceovers brings trust and authority to your digital message, creating a relatable and emotional connection between your customers and your brand.
  • With the power of Synthesys ai voice generator, you can make the jump from plain old text to dynamic and engaging digital content.


  • Using human voices and avatars, Synthesys is a virtual media platform that enables you to produce AI-generated videos and voiceovers.
  • With the help of real actors and voices, you can quickly and easily create multilingual movies and voiceover content with Synthesys, an AI-powered virtual media platform.
  • Find the ideal spokesperson for your projects by selecting from more than 300 voices in various languages, accents, and moods—or submit your own unique voice.
  • The cadence of the avatar can also be modified by adding pauses, changing the tempo, and checking the pronunciation.


  • Customize text-to-video or text-to-speech content with options to adjust cadence, add backgrounds, and translate scripts
  • Access human avatars and 300+ realistic voices in 70 languages
  • Best for Course creators,Educators and Marketing agencies
  • Alternative to


  • Access to 73 humatars (extra outfits included)
  • Access to 66 languages and 254 general voices (and all-new languages and general voices to come)
  • Upload your own voice
  • Full video customization
  • Fully web-based
  • Access to 30 real human voices


This deal provides liifetime access to 100 voice-over downloads per monthfor $69only

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