SUPERMACHIN – Generate stock photos, art, and images with the latest in AI technology




Business overview


  • We are a creative agency, working for brands who want to beat the algorithm with a heartbeat – through branding, creative campaiging.
  • The AI revolution is taking over the world and you can be a part of that by using AI technology to update your image content game across all of your social media and online presence.
  • Whether you need thumbnails for YouTube videos, images for blog posts, that spark for NFT ideas, prototyping for fashion or architecture, or much more, you can get inspiration from our public gallery.


  • SUPERMACHINE enables you to generate images with the latest in artificial intelligence technology.
  • The Coimbatore-based Super Machine Works, part of the Super Group of companies, well known for its textile engineering, has made rapid inroads into the market with its quality products.
  • SUPERMACHINE uses the latest in cutting-edge AI technology to give you the power to create your own stock images, art, NFTs, YouTube thumbnails, blog images, or whatever your imagination can handle!
  • SUPERMACHINE is a super fast solution providing images in under 15 seconds and a variety of different aspect ratios.
  • These images will not have appeared anywhere else and you have full commercial rights to use them for anything you need!


  • Generate stock photos, art, and images with AI.
  • Using the latest in AI technology, you can write a few phrases or sentences of the type of image you would like to see.
  • Alternative toGetty Images and NiftyImages.
  • Best for Bloggers,Content creators and Copywriters.


  • 750 Image credits per month
  • Search tool to help with prompts to generate images
  • Multiple aspect ratios
  • Fast generations (Under 15 seconds on average)
  • Desktop & mobile responsive


This deal provides lifetime access to 10+ aspect ratios (including higher resolution) for $79 only

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