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What is SQR QR Generator?

SQR QR Generator is a powerful QR code generator that allows users to create custom QR codes quickly and easily. With SQR QR Generator, users can create codes in a variety of formats, including square, rectangle, and circle. They can also specify the dimensions of the code, as well as the color and font style. Once the code is created, users can print it out or share it online using various methods, such as e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

QR codes are increasingly becoming a popular way to promote content and events online. By creating custom QR codes specifically for your business or organization, you can increase engagement and reach your target audience more effectively. Moreover, by printing out and distributing QR codes at events or during marketing campaigns, you can drive traffic to your website or social media page and increase conversion rates.


Are you looking for a powerful QR code generator that can also generate custom domain QR codes? Look no further than SQR!

SQR is a powerful QR code generator that allows you to create dynamic short links and QR codes. This means that you can create unique QR codes that are specific to your business or event. Additionally, SQR also has a range of custom domains that you can use to generate QR codes for your website or blog. So whether you’re looking for a simple QR code generator or something more advanced, SQR has everything you need!


  • QR codes that never expire
  • 13 QR code types (including text, url, phone, email, WiFi, FB, Crypto, PayPal, and more)
  • Best for Marketers, Marketing agencies and Real estate
  • Alternative to Bitly


  • Password protection
  • Dynamic QR codes
  • Additional SQR domains
  • Short link targeting
  • Sensitive content
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Trackable short links


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