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Video meetings are a great option, but no one can pay attention 100% of the time. Stop stressing about missing something important or taking perfect notes and get the accurate transcripts and recordings you need.

Spoke helps you record, transcribe, summarize, edit, and share your video conversations on any platform so you can up your video game.


  • Record any video conference or meeting and share the video across platforms
  • Alternative to: Grain.co
  • Transcribe video conversations with near-perfect accuracy of over 90%
  • Best for: Remote teams who want to collaborate more effectively and marketing pros who want to do more with video


Record and transcribe all your video conversations with just one click.

In just one click, you can record and accurately transcribe all your video conversations using Spoke.

Then, you can easily edit and share your transcribed and subtitled videos with coworkers, stakeholders, or social media followers across any platform you want.

Edit your videos in minutes, just by highlighting the transcript.

Having the ability to edit is amazing. With Spoke, you can edit videos easily by highlighting the text in your transcription!

Just highlight the part of the text you want to change, then edit your videos in seconds.

Create great video summaries for all your clips in Spoke.

Spoke lets you give your conversations your full attention with an automatic transcription function that has over 90% accuracy.

You can also highlight interesting or important moments live in the Spoke user interface with the Highlight Moment feature to keep track of key quotes or questions.

You can even create summaries of long meetings to share with your team or post clips from your webinars to social media, letting you get more out of your video meetings.

Spoke makes all your videos searchable via their transcripts, so you can find the perfect clips.

You can also find specific moments in your video by searching the transcript, so it’s easy to locate the soundbite or clip you need.

Once you find the clip you want, you can extract it as its own standalone video clip.

Spoke is your very own minutes taker, video studio, and communication game changer.


Get the Spoke with starting price from $69.

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