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Just because you’re spending big bucks on Facebook ad campaigns doesn’t mean you’re actually growing your brand.

Without the right Facebook tool, you waste so much time trying to manage engagements and worrying about the rising costs of ad campaigns.

If only you could track and retarget engagements on any of your Facebook ads, identify top-ranked sales priorities, and even lower ad costs—all from one platform.

SocialCloser is an AI-powered Facebook lead engagement and management tool that automatically prioritizes leads while lowering ad costs.

SocialCloser helps you track lead engagements over time and create lead rankings that allow you to identify and respond to your most engaged fans on Facebook.

Create custom retargeting audiences from your most engaged fans, which also make great lookalike audiences for lead generation ad campaigns.

You can retarget anyone who engages with individual ads or sets of ads, so you can reach back out to folks who have already shown interest in your brand.

Just click on the number in the missed comments column for any post or ad, and you’ll be able to reply, like, or hide the comment without any back-and-forth toggling.

This will help you save time while engaging with your prospects and ensure that no comment goes unnoticed.

Automatically create individual lead profiles and rankings for anyone who engages with your page.


  • Identify your highest sales priorities and target them with new custom audiences
  • Alternative to: Facebook Ad Manager, Hootsuite, and Salesforce
  • Create Facebook custom retargeting audiences using engagements for any ad or group of ads
  • Best for: Social media managers, agencies, and marketing teams looking to optimize their ads, lower costs, and close more sales


This deal provides lifetime access Access just at $79 with all above features.

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