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What is Snapied ?

  • Snapied is a graphic designing platform that enables both non-designers and professionals to create amazing designs easily.
  • It offers more than 1000 high-quality templates to create designs as per users’ requirements.
  • They can add text to their photos in different fonts and styles to make more interesting content.
  • Snapied comes with a collection of illustrations, icons and elements that really let users expand their creativity and create something beautiful.
  • Its database also includes more than 250,000 quotes from the world’s iconic figures and greatest minds.
  • Over this platform, users can save their brand’s logo, colours, logo position and fonts so they can use them again in the same format.
  • Colour palettes are also available to combine different colours and create graphics in the most attractive and unique styles.
  • Finally, image background remover, design layers, multiple pages, image filters, colour picker, workspace management, design resize and HD download are some other features of this platform.


Snapied is a graphic design platform that enables both non-designers and professionals to create amazing designs easily. With a library of templates, tools, and services, Snapied makes it easy to create great looking visuals without any design experience. Plus, if you need help with a specific design task, the team at Snapied is always happy to help. So whether you’re a first time designer looking for a way to improve your workflow, or a seasoned professional looking for a new way to showcase your work, Snapied is the perfect platform for you!Creating designs can be very difficult. Especially for businesses that don’t have the time or money to invest in professional designers. You need a professional design to stand out in the crowd. Snapied helps you achieve this by offering a free graphic designing platform that is simple to use and allows even non-designers to create stunning designs easily and quickly.


  • Create stunning designs with 50+ ready-made formats and access to millions of stock photos, icons, and illustrations
  • Invite your team to collaborate on designs and make changes to allow for multiple brand workspaces
  • Best for Bloggers, Content creators and Graphic designers


  • Quotes: Huge collection of quotes in almost all categories.
  • BG Remove: once click to remove any image background.
  • Grid Lines: Add grid lines in the canvas.
  • Pages and Layers
  • Download: Up to 300 dpi images
  • Create your workspace and invite your team members.
  • Branding: A single color palette, fonts and logo across all of you marketing materials on a single click
  • Palettes: Try different color combinations before finalising your design
  • Illustrations: With our illustrations, you will be able to add a bit of life to your design.
  • Fonts: Snapied lets you select a font from a list of common fonts, You can upload your own fonts.
  • Color picker: This tool helps you pick the color from any object present in your canvas.
  • Icons: These are the most useful and unique set of icons. The goal is to inspire creativity with these fun, and unique icons.
  • Product mockups.
  • Resize design: Resize image to a specific size and retouch it to perfection, in seconds.
  • Beautify: Add a grayscale filter and transform your photos into works of art. Or turn them into retro masterpieces using the vintage and pop filters.
  • Split any image into smaller grids.


Canva, Desygner, Venngage, Infogram and Marvel


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