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Storing files in the cloud and then running out of space is a vicious cycle that never seems to end.And with so many docs, files, and images to keep, you’re constantly deleting things just to make space for new stuff.

If only there was a tool that could help you stay under data limits and avoid spending extra cash for more space.

Meet Short Pixel Google Drive Optimizer.

What is Short Pixle Google Drive Optimizer?

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer is a powerful tool that compresses PDFs and images in Google Drive to free up more space while letting you keep all your content.

Images and PDFs in Google Drive are automatically downloaded and reuploaded as a smaller-sized version.ShortPixel even optimizes images and PDFs in folders and subfolders in the process, so you don’t have to manually reorganize everything, either.

You’ll be able to choose from three compression levels: Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless for full control over your photos.You’ll get an email notification when the files are finished optimizing, so you won’t need to check back every two minutes for updates.


  • Optimize all your images and PDFs in a few clicks
  • Free up space on Google Drive in minutes without deleting any of your files
  • Alternative to: Clean Drive
  • Best for: Solopreneurs, photographers, content creators, and power users that need extra storage space in Google Drive


  • Native Google Drive backup
  • 2 GB video file size limit
  • Choose image optimization levels and sizes
  • PDF optimization
  • Image resizing


This deal gives lifetime access for ShortPixel just starts from $59 only.

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Price: $59

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