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Business overview

What is Sheets Genie?

  • Sheets Genieutomates business tasks with one click so that you scale up your business activities and productivity save time and effort Among other things.
  • It helps you get data into your spreadsheets quickly and easily and then process it in useful ways — automate and scale your use of other online tools
  • Sheets Genie lets you create step by step systems for collecting, organizing, and processing your data however you want.
  • you do the same kinds of data based projects in Google Sheets over and over, you’ll love getting your work done with one click.


  • Automate business tasks and do things with Google Sheets you never dreamed possible
  • Sheets Genie is a Google Sheets add-on that lets you create step-by-step systems you can automate to collect, organize, and process your data however you want.


  • Automate business tasks like collecting, organizing, and processing data
  • Create step-by-step systems for collecting, organizing, and processing your data however you want
  • Best for Marketers and Small businesses


  • Full Sheets Genie functionality
  • Unlimited data processing executions
  • Unlimited web scraping executions
  • 1,000 rows processed at once
  • Stack 1 additional code
  • 5,000 rows processed at once


This deal provides lifetime access to 5,000 rows processed at once $49only

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