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Riku is unlike any AI tool you have experienced so far. Riku is about giving you the best prompt building experience possible and giving you the tools to build AI prompts quickly and efficiently.

With Riku.AI, all of the best AI models are available in a single dashboard, quickly switch between technologies, try out which works best for your needs and save it to your account to use within Riku or export code for your own applications.

A central storage place for prompts was something we needed ourselves so we built Riku and added features making it so much more. Bring your own keys from OpenAI, AI21 and Cohere and use our own hosted version of GPT-J to have an AI prompt building experience like no other.


  • Central Aggregated Playground for Creating AI prompts from Leading Technologies
  • Access to an Ever-Expanding Library of Community Prompts
  • Unlimited GPT-J Technology within Riku.AI web application
  • Export Prompts to Python or Curl
  • Helpful Documentation & Videos for Success with Riku
  • Use Prompts Directly in Riku


Get lifetime access for Unlimited GPT-J Technology just $49 only.

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $49

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