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Business overview

What is Recooty?

Recruitment software, Recooty, helps you attract, engage, and hire top talent easily. Recruitment software with a high rating, Recooty, is utilized by ambitious organizations to build their impressive teams.

  1. Recooty offers a free basic plan that makes it easy to attract, engage and hire the best talents.
  2. Recooty is trusted by 5,000+ businesses worldwide and offers a free basic plan that makes it easy to find and hire the best talent.
  3. Recooty offers a free basic plan that makes it easy to find, attract and hire the best talent easily.


Recooty is a cloud-based application tracking system used by small and midsize businesses for automating their hiring process. Recooty is a modern recruiting software that makes it easy to attract, engage, and hire top talent. With Recooty, recruiters can design a branded careers page and post job listings. A single platform can facilitate the collection, tracking and management of applications based on their need.

The ability to automatically update the list of open roles ensures that vacancies are accurately depicted. The skills and abilities of a candidate’s application and the requirements of the job can be compared and rated through the use of a colored bar. Using Recooty, recruiters have access to information about interview dates and times and can schedule appointments with candidates through their online portal.

The integration of an API with a website allows for access to additional functionality. Additionally, integration with Google Job Board is provided as part of this solution. The subscription service provides access to the solution, which can be accessed on a monthly or yearly basis. Online chat is provided for assistance.


  • Auto-generate SEO-optimized job posts and publish them to hundreds of job boards, like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, in one click
  • Review applicants with your team, schedule interviews, and build a careers page that updates automatically
  • Best for Recruiters, Remote teams and SaaS
  • Alternative to Betterteams, SmartRecruiters and Workable


  • Branded careers page
  • Job widget integration
  • Applicant tracking
  • Interview scheduling
  • Social networks sharing
  • Post to 100+ job boards
  • Talent pool
  • Bulk import
  • 6 languages supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, and all future languages


This deal provides lifetime access to 25 job posts per year for $49 Only

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $49

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Founded: 2018

Country:United States

Traffic: 602 /M

Revenue($): 1.1K/M

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