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Radar works on macOS, Windows, & Linux. You don’t need to create an account anywhere to use Radar. You can simply install and start using it. Your data doesn’t leave your device. Radar is secure & privacy-focused.


  • Track metrics anywhere from your system from the menubar.
  • Get alerts when your data crosses predefined values.
  • No account needed. No data leaves your device.
  • Best for: People obsessed with tracking metrics every now and then.


Keeping track of various metrics on multiple browser tabs is time-consuming and tiring.

Add data to Radar with one click

Ever-growing list of Radar collections makes it easy to bring data to Radar.

Secure & Privacy-focused

None of your data leaves your device. Radar directly talks with the APIs from your device. You don’t need to create an account to use Radar.

Your data is always up-to-date

Radar can auto-refresh the data in the background. You see fresh data every time.

You can bring your own APIs

You are not restricted to Radar Collections. You can connect any APIs and visualize data in Radar.

Simple analytics

Radar can plot the change of your metric over time in a linechart.

Threshold desktop notifications

Setup custom alert to get notified about any significant change in your data.

Keyboard friendly

You can use Radar without taking your hands off the keyboard. You can open Radar with a global shortcut for a glance from any application.

Darkmode Ready

You can set the theme to be light or dark or let it change based on your system settings.


This deal provides lifetime access at $29 for pro plus plan.

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