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QuickScraper – Scrape any website to get HTML using an easy API call




Business overview

What is QuickScraper?

  • QuickScraper is a tool which helps you easily scrape data from any website using its URL.
  • QuickScraper’s API handles proxy servers, browsers, and CAPTCHA efficiently with just a single API call.
  • Web scraping is a technique for extracting information from websites.
  • This can be done manually but it is usually faster, more efficient and less error-prone to automate the task.
  • Web scraping allows you to acquire non-tabular or poorly structured data from websites and convert it into a usable, structured format, such as a .csv file or spreadsheet.
  • Scraping is about more than just acquiring data: it can also help you archive data and track changes to data online.
  • It is closely related to the practice of web indexing, which is what search engines like Google do when mass-analysing the Web to build their indices.
  • But contrary to web indexing, which typically parses the entire content of a web page to make it searchable, web scraping targets specific information on the pages visited.
  • For example, online stores will often scour the publicly available pages of their competitors, scrape item prices, and then use this information to adjust their own prices.
  • Another common practice is “contact scraping” in which personal information like email addresses or phone numbers is collected for marketing purposes.
  • Web scraping is also increasingly being used by scholars to create data sets for text mining projects; these might be collections of journal articles or digitised texts.
  • The practice of data journalism, in particular, relies on the ability of investigative journalists to harvest data that is not always presented or published in a form that allows analysis.


  • Manually scraping and extracting data from websites in 2022 makes as much sense as baking your own bread from scratch. (“I’ll never understand why this was a trend.”)
  • QuickScraper handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can scrape data from any webpage with a simple API call.
  • QuickScraper’s API lets you rotate your IP address with each request from a pool of millions of proxies and over a dozen ISPs. That means you can get past annoying blocks in record time!
  • Automatically retry failed requests so that you can get the data you need without getting blocked.
  • Scrape data using geo-targeting and perform API requests that rotate proxies to keep you from getting blocked. 
  • Customize your requests from different platforms using QuickScraper’s API.
  • Invite team members to your QuickScraper account to work on tasks simultaneously from the same account.
  • Integrate Zapier with QuickScraper to automate tasks on applications you already use.


  • Automatically rotate your IP address with every request using a pool of millions of proxies to ensure you never get blocked
  • Get support for 10+ geolocations and extract data from different countries


  • JS rendering
  • 1 account
  • 5 users
  • 45 concurrent requests per account
  • 50,000 monthly API calls (credits) per account
  • Standard proxies


This deal provides lifetime access for 45 concurrent requests per account for $79only

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Satus: Active

Price: $79

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