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Qiwio - video marketing automation platform


Business overview

Turn your viewers into customers with interactive videos and adaptive content.


  • Host videos in Qiwio and add CTA buttons, video forms, and questions to engage viewers
  • Alternative to: Wistia
  • Create fully dynamic, interactive video funnels by changing the content the viewer sees based on their answers to video question
  • Best for: Video marketers and content creators who want to leverage video views into actual customers

Add CTA buttons to your videos to direct viewers to the right place, exactly when they are most likely to buy

 Make your videos more interactive with call-to-action buttons, video forms, and questions.

Use CTA buttons to guide the viewer to the next step in your funnel, whether that involves downloading a freebie, scheduling a chat, or buying a specific product.

Use video funnels to deliver specific and relevant video content to viewers based on their answers to questions

Now you can use video funnels to create interactive content with ease, giving the viewer a truly unique and relevant experience.

You can also make the content more relevant by delivering specific video content based on their answers. Just use the video form to capture lead information before they leave the page.

Publish your videos on Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube without ever leaving Qiwio

Once you’ve added all the video engagement elements you want, you can distribute the video right from the Qiwio dashboard. With just two clicks, you can embed your videos on your website or share on social media to get them in front of your fans and followers.

Share a fully brandable link to the video within email or messenger apps to get more eyes on your content.

Fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads, which you can manage in Qiwio’s built-in CRM

Once video leads start rolling in like pumpkin spice latte fans to a Starbucks in the fall, you can keep all your leads organized in Qiwio’s built-in CRM.

Get a breakdown of each lead’s activity and viewing timeline, including every question answered, every CTA clicked, and every form filled.

Host unlimited videos on Qiwio and manage them all with ease from one place

Qiwio lets you host an unlimited amount of videos on its fast and secure hosting platform. (Just like Olive Garden, they really mean unlimited…)

Add your own logo and colors to the fast, lightweight HTML 5 video player to make it your own and provide a seamless experience for viewers.

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