ProductLift – Hyper-flexible feedback, upvote, roadmap, and changelog tool for SaaS




Business overview

What is ProductLift?

Prioritizing your product’s next elements can be difficult, and you must maintain a balance between your strategic goals and customer requests. Keeping track of all cravings and comments from your customers is incredibly difficult. ProductLift is a solution for product and marketing teams that addresses these concerns. Real-time prioritization of your roadmap is possible with live user feedback, changelogs, and an overview of all developed content.


The tool is a SaaS platform that allows companies to manage their customer feedback and user reviews. The tool features a variety of features, such as user engagement, user retention, and social media management. It also provides advanced analytics tools to analyze data correlated with customer feedback. In short, this is a powerful tool that helps companies manage their online reputation and communicate with their customers effectively.


  • Hyper-adaptable feedback, roadmap, and changelog tool for SaaS
  • Upvote, prioritize, plan, and announce features – with your customers
  • Best for Customer support, Product managers and SaaS
  • Alternative to Aha!, Canny and Productboard


  • Embeddable roadmaps & boards
  • Changelog widget
  • API
  • Add your own branding & custom CSS + whitelabel
  • Custom domain
  • Prioritization framework & graphs
  • Custom categories


  • API
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Webhooks

Best for

Use of ProductLift by product and marketing teams provides access to idea management / product feedback / product roadmap / changelog capabilities that help facilitate continuous improvement within these teams.


This deal provides lifetime access to 8 team members for $49 only

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