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Business overview

Pencil is a creative AI platform that lets you generate successful ecommerce ads from your existing branding, assets, and ad account data.

Pencil lets you automatically generate ready-to-run static and video ad creatives formatted for multiple channels.

It’s easy to edit static or video ads, so you can create stellar campaigns even if your design skills haven’t evolved beyond PowerPoint.

Select the element you want to modify and make changes in real time within a user-friendly dashboard.

Pencil’s pipeline of AI algorithms comes with a bundle of on-brand and data-backed ads, allowing your growth teams to perform high-volume creative testing.

The tool can also predict how new ads will perform—and even compare their expected performance to older campaigns.

Pencil also offers insights for every ad you’ve ever launched andUse this data to improve upcoming shoots, influencer briefs, and promotional campaigns.


  • Automatically generate static and video ad creatives from your existing branding and assets
  • Alternative to: Canva
  • Leverage your history of ad account data to predict which ads will perform best
  • Best for: Ecommerce growth marketers and performance agencies looking to test more ad creatives and get better results


  • Generate unlimited AI ads
  • AI copy and narratives
  • Automated video edits
  • Brand kits: upload your logo, and set fonts and colors
  • Direct integration with Facebook
  • Download and use anywhere


This deal provides lifetime access for export 10 total ads per month along with 1 brand workspace was just starts from $59 only.

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Satus: Active

Price: $59

Business KPI

Founded: 2018


Moz DA: 29

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