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Business overview

What is Partenero?

  • Partenero is a customer success management company.
  • Partenero is a service aiming to help businesses collaborate and communicate better with their partners and ensure compliance.
  • It provides a way to manage vendor relationships and enables users to better manage the information of vendors and partners, roles and responsibilities, contracts, Project SLAs, KPIs and more.
  • Users can collaboratively share files, assign tasks and activities, discuss issues and track projects among themselves.
  • Additionally, the user is benefitted by better controls for collaboration with vendors. Alerts and reminders for SLAs and ensuring SLA compliance are also key features of the tool.
  • Project statistics are available in various formats, and key information is displayed firsthand on the dashboard.
  • Project statuses, timelines, change requests, issues, escalations, notes and documents can be tracked collaboratively.
  • The offerings of the tool include features such as change requests and issues tracking, budget, and billing tracking, SLAs and KPIs tracking and a dedicated success manager.


  • The best Customer Success tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and groups inside big organizations.
  • That lets you monitor customer health, create action plans, and execute playbooks.
  • Your contacts manually or import customer data from your CRM or spreadsheet.
  • Tasks, surveys, and action plans for each customer without switching between tools.
  • You can monitor the health of your customers using health scores and examine how each score is calculated.
  • Get a 360º view of a customer’s information, including touchpoints, tasks, surveys, and action plans.
  • Partenero allows you to map out your customer journey and track client progress.
  • Create the stages in your journey from scratch or use an existing template to develop a journey that matches your internal processes.
  • See the entire customer journey at a glance and drag-and-drop clients as they progress through each step.
  • Partenero lets you automate the process by creating a playbook template for different repetitive tasks.
  • You’ll be able to clearly define the goals for each customer and make business management more practical—all without breaking a sweat!
  • Create a playbook template with repeatable actions based on each step of the customer journey.
  • Best of all, you can create net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction score (CSAT), and custom surveys, as well as manage responses in Partenero.
  • You can even send your survey with a personalized email and follow up with a special thank-you message to customers who complete it.
  • Access a comprehensive survey report with key metrics and insights to support your business decisions.
  • Luckily, Partenero lets you keep track of all of your customer data in one place, so you can create action plans to help users progress through the customer journey.


  • View the history of touchpoints, tasks, surveys, and action plans associated with every customer and monitor their health
  • Create action plans and configure a standardized execution of repetitive tasks based on your customer journeys
  • Best for Entrepreneur-curious, SaaS and Small businesses
  • Alternative to Gainsight, Totango,, Stackby, Notetracks Pro, ClickUp and Airtable


  • Customizable and configurable surveys including NPS and CSAT
  • Action plans
  • Customizable journeys
  • Customer portfolio
  • Playbooks
  • Notes and tasks
  • Data import and export
  • API
  • 360-degree client journey in kanban and list views
  • Client portfolio via CSM
  • Success plans
  • Reports
  • Configurable health score
  • Integrative features: clients, playbooks, activities, notes, contacts, surveys


This deal priovides lifetime access to 1,000 customers/clients for $59only

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