Parallel – Automate client onboarding with secure, centralized doc management

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Business overview

Parallel helps you automate back-office onboarding with frictionless document management, secure client portals, and standardized workflows.

Even with templates, you can still add your own form fields and set up conditional decision steps using visual, no-code text blocks.

Parallel guides signees through the whole process and even lets them use the “save for later” feature to step away without losing progress.

If a client rejects a change or has questions, they can leave notes directly in the platform, eliminating endless back-and-forth emails.

Parallel also helps your back-office teams work smarter with flexible internal collaboration tools that keep track of progress.

Build an automated workflow that assigns tasks to specific team members whenever a project kicks off or a certain step is completed.

Parallel automates every step of client onboarding, making it easy to keep track of progress with built-in comments and flexible workflows.

Grow your business without the growing pains.


  • Manage onboarding in a secure client portal with templated NDAs, SEPA mandates, legal documents, and more
  • Alternative to: Contractbook, Juro, and FileInvite
  • Set up standardized workflows for back-office tasks and integrate with Zapier to access essential tools
  • Best for: Real estate, sales, and customer support teams looking to automate onboarding and back-office tasks


  • Unlimited templates and contacts
  • PDF export
  • Automatic reminders
  • Activity log
  • Custom logo
  • Forward security
  • Encrypted storage
  • SSL connection
  • Zapier integration
  • Bulk petitions
  • Custom subdomain
  • API access
  • Teams
  • Reporting
  • Remove Parallel branding
  • Live chat


This deal provides lifetime access for 5 users and 40 petitions at $79.

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $79

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Traffic: 4B /M

Revenue($): 7.7B/M

Moz DA: 96

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