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Business overview

What is Pagescreen?

  • Automated website change detection, monitoring and alerts.
  • Watch today tomorrow’s trends.
  • We monitor websites for changes at scale and keep you updated.
  • Keep tabs on your industry, grow your business intelligence effortlessly.
  • Pagescreen is a complete screenshot solution for websites and digital products.
  • Webpage screenshots in high resolution, at any viewport size.
  • Monitor any website for changes: hourly, daily, weekly or at a custom frequency.
  • Receive change alerts in your mailbox as soon as they happen.
  • Save, consult, sort through, organize and share your own archive of web pages.
  • Easily detect what changed between two versions of a webpage.
  • Invite as many collaborators as you need, at no extra cost.
  • Build powerful connectors and extra automation with their RESTful API.
  • Generate and display a screenshot of any web page with a single, secure and hosted URL.
  • Get Pagescreen smoothly integrated with their webhook or slack notification systems.


  • Take beautiful desktop & mobile screenshots of web pages, automate daily captures and receive alerts upon visual change detection.
  • Pagescreen’s visual monitoring service easily reveals to you what all your competitors are working on, at the moment, by detecting any amendment made to their websites.
  • It captures every day a visual copy of any of the web pages that matter to you and alerts you automatically when something changes, highlighting precisely what changed.
  • Pagescreen is a website change monitoring platform for capturing and archiving visual copies of web pages.
  • With Pagescreen’s screenshot automation and change detection technologies, the user can easily monitor their competitors’ websites, and collect relevant information.
  • The Pagescreen platform allows businesses to create a website monitor with several device resolutions.
  • PageScreen stimulates the viewport on their machine and provides the user with high-quality screenshots.
  • One can quickly customize the viewport size.
  • With these screenshots, users can easily track all pages of a website with the automatic grouping feature, and detect any changes to pages.
  • Managers can keep an eye on their competitor’s activities within Pagescreen and keep their teams updated about any changes, so they never miss the opportunity to improve business execution and strategy.
  • With Pagescreen’s monitoring tools and alerts, it is easy for teams to follow competitor’s promotions, pricing, new products, design changes and attitude.
  • Agencies can track market signals, consumer feedback, and competitor content automatically, and Pagescreen enables enterprises to keep tabs on the ever-changing industry by monitoring websites for visual activities.MINIMISE


  • Automatically capture and archive visual copies of webpages at any screen size and compare changes over time
  • Get custom alerts for changes via email or Slack, and analyze historical data with team members in one place
  • Best for Marketers,Marketing agencies and SaaS
  • Alternative to Hexowatch and Visualping


  • Unlimited URLs and monitorings
  • Hourly minimum frequency
  • Change notifications
  • Webhook and Slack integration
  • Rest API and Screenshot API
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

Best For

Digital Companies, with competitive markets.


This deal provides lifetime access for 5,000 screenshots per month (per account) for $69only

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Satus: Active

Price: $69

Business KPI

Founded: 2017

Country:United States

Traffic: 65 /M

Revenue($): 30 /M

Moz DA: 30

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