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Business overview

What is Oode?

Oode offers a business management platform that gives service providers access to bookings, payments, and other aspects of managing their business operations. Keeping your service business afloat can be difficult if you’re constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. Your processes are being fragmented across multiple expensive tools, which are hindering your sales, client management, and marketing efforts. If only there was a tool that helped you launch websites, manage bookings, and ensure timely payment, your gold-star service would be guaranteed.


Oode offers a business management platform that can help service providers manage all aspects of bookings to payments, including managing their own bookkeeping and accounting. Easily start selling services and subscriptions with your own professional website, without any coding or design. Provide Oode with basic information about your business, and it will generate a mobile-friendly website for you.

Looking to boost your business with a mobile-friendly website?

Oode can help. With our platform, you can create a comprehensive and mobile-friendly website for services and subscriptions quickly and easily. Plus, our platform is designed to help service providers manage everything from bookings to customer data. So whether you’re looking to start a new business or improve your current one, Oode has everything you need to get started. Give us a try today!


  • Take advantage of built-in tools to manage scheduling, payments, email marketing, and customer support
  • Launch a mobile-friendly website for services and subscriptions without coding or designing anything
  • Best for Ecommerce, Freelancers and Solopreneurs
  • Alternative to Book Like A Boss, Calendly and Squarespace
  • Attract more customers.
  • Increase your recurring revenue.
  • Build social proof.
  • Maximize availability for bookings.


  • Online booking page
  • Online scheduling
  • Live chat
  • Reviews
  • Video via Zoom
  • Google and Outlook calendars sync
  • Mobile app
  • Online store
  • Accept payments via Stripe
  • Email marketing
  • Sales dashboard
  • Visitor analytics
  • Bookkeeping


  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Stripe
  • Zoom


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