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Business overview

What is One Transcriber?

  • One Transcriber is the transcription software for PC that provides transcripts in real time of anything played by the audio devices, and in many languages.
  • One Transcriber is the software for real-time Transcriptions of any audio or video played by PC with many transcription languages available.
  • Unlike any other tool, One Transcriber is the unique Software capturing directly the audio signal provided by your PC playback device in real time.
  • Therefore, it provides transcriptions of audio played through any other software: meetings on Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, or even from Chrome, You tube, VLC, and so on.
  • It is currently available for Windows, and it can be downloaded for free just by registering with valid email.
  • Once installed and launched, the user Logins with credentials created during sign-up on the website.
  • In the sidebar of the application all the subscription details are displayed up-to-date, including the amount of transcription minutes available along with the plan (or trial) and its start/end dates.
  • In the top bar there are two selection-picklists: one for the PC’s playback output device that will play the audio and the second one for the spoken language to be transcribed.


  • When ready, the user clicks Start to begin transcribing the playing audio and Stop when he wants to finish.
  • The “Partial” box contains the live subtitles in progress, which are moved to the “Final” box at the bottom, including the timestamp, once the sentence is consolidated by the AI algorithm.
  • The Refresh button in the upper left returns the updated usage data, i.e. the minutes consumed and the minutes remaining for the current period.
  • To get started, sign up with a valid email and download and install the app on your PC – free trial is included and no payment verification is required.
  • Later, the users can buy the best offer that suits for them and cancel at any time.


  • Get automatic, real-time captions and subtitles for audio or video files on your PC
  • Transcribe in multiple languages, edit your transcriptions, and export them as TXT or DOC files
  • Alternative to
  • Best for Content creators,Event organizers and Remote teams


  • Real-time transcription and live captioning
  • Integrates with business meetings, videos, podcasts, or anything on your PC
  • Closed captioning and subtitles
  • Transcribe recordings
  • Unlimited users
  • All languages available and any future languages
  • Select audio device and language transcription
  • Track usage and minutes consumed
  • Internet connection required to integrate machine-learning and advanced algorithm
  • Data-encryption protocol with certificate issued by official certificate authority for security and data protection


This deal provides lifetime access for 120 minutes of transcription per month for $69only

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