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With so many messages hitting inboxes daily, personalization is a must for getting noticed by your audience.

But just addressing your recipient by their first name isn’t enough, and you don’t have time to knit every customer a homemade sweater. (Though my grandma says to step up my game.)

Nexweave helps you create hyper-personalized images, GIFs, and interactive videos to display in emails, LinkedIn messages, chatbots, and web pages.

You’ll be able to set personalization parameters for your interactive videos and images with the easy-to-use editor.

Upload your media and add personalized text, images, buttons, or animations to make them attractive and interactive.

Add multiple video experiences to the same link, so the recipient sees a vertical, personalized video on mobile and a standard video on their desktop or laptop!

Connect your personalization data with templates to create hyper-personalized assets for every individual on your list.

Nexweave works with over 100 platforms—1,000+ if you include the Zapier integration—and it’s got comprehensive guides to help you set them up!

Connect Nexweave to SaaS platforms like Mailchimp, Gmail, or WordPress, so you can keep working with the tools you love.

Use 100+ integrations to run hyper-personalized campaigns or automation sequences without changing your communication stack.

Use the Nexweave plugins for Google Chrome to send messages through Gmail or LinkedIn while personalizing your websites as well.

Drive better engagement with the power of interactive, omnichannel media personalization.


  • Create hyper-personalized images, GIFs, and interactive videos at scale that compel your audience
  • Alternative to: Nifty Images and PicSnippets
  • Embed your personalized assets into your sales and marketing content, helping you get better results
  • Best for: Agencies, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs looking to better connect with their audience through personalization


  • Up to 1080p video resolution
  • Unlimited website personalization
  • Reply-with-email widget
  • Click-to-call-from-video widget
  • Hotspot and form widgets


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Satus: Sold Out

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