Mobiz-Create scalable, personalized SMS landing pages to improve engagement and conversions




Business overview

Mobiz lets you leverage your customer data insights to send individualized SMS landing pages that build loyalty and boost your bottom line.

With Mobiz, you’ll finally be able to offer a tailored experience to all your current and future customers.

Create branded text-to-join keywords to advertise next to your Mobiz number for digital and print advertising.

Filter your customer database and segment your audience to target your messaging with precision.Mobiz makes it a cinch to insert your own landing page template and then let the personalization technology deliver a unique experience to all your customers.

Mobiz even helps you export your customer data and personalized SMS landing page links, so it’s easy to import them into your existing SMS sender.


  • Use premade templates and your own data to build hyper-personal SMS landing pages
  • Alternative to: SMSBump and Yotpo
  • Send targeted SMS landing pages to your entire customer base
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, retail businesses, and restaurants that want to entice customers and capture leads



Select your template from our library, customize and personalize


Use customer data to build stronger, more personal relationships through dynamic personalization.

  • Customer unique experiences
  • Personalize the journey

Growth Tool

In-store or online, easily engage with your customers and build your SMS subscriber list.

  • Quick text-to-join experience
  • Built-in compliance


Instantly see your results and optimize future campaigns. With our analytics dashboard, you can easily learn what works for your customer and make each new campaign better and smarter.


This deal provides lifetime access for 5,000 contacts and 500 free SMS credits per month to US/CA starting at $79

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Price: $79

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Founded: 2014

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