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Business overview

What is Minerva?

It costs tens of thousands of dollars each year for a typical SaaS company to create how-to videos, FAQ pages, and interactive guides. Worse yet, your product changes so quickly you’re either constantly creating new guides or the ones you have are out of date and misleading your users.


  1. Minerva makes it easier than ever to create a self-serve knowledge base users can access directly within your SaaS product.
  2. Easily generate support docs for SaaS products based on user behavior
  3. Minerva helps you develop knowledge bases complete with support documentation like how-to videos, FAQs, and interactive guides.
  4. Minerva lets you embed a Launch Center into your SaaS platform, so users don’t have to go off-platform to find support docs or videos.
  5. Minerva automatically compiles educational videos based on static screenshots.Minerva can significantly reduce churn rate and boost net dollar retention by delivering timely, self-serve documentation.


  • Easily create support docs that boost user adoption, like how-to videos, FAQs, and interactive guides
  • Embed your knowledge base in any SaaS platform with one line of Javascript to retain users and streamline internal workflows


  • Screenshots and video
  • Guide sharing and embedding
  • Manage guide settings
  • Private guides
  • Chrome extension
  • Access to all public guides
  • Workspace analytics
  • Collaborative editing


  • Epic.
  • Cerner.
  • Solutionreach.
  • WebPT.
  • eClinicalWorks.
  • NextGen Healthcare EHR.
  • Weave.
  • Appcues
  • Loom
  • WalkMe

Best for

Customer support, Product managers, SaaS


This deal provides lifetime access for 50 members per group & Up to 3 private groups for $69 only

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $69

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Founded: 2019

Country:United States

Traffic: 1.1K /M

Revenue($): 525 /M

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