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Getting started with livestreaming your content can be as confusing as juggling all the names in Dune.

Not only are there a bunch of different platform options for broadcasting your livestream, but you’ve also got to figure out which producing apps and tools are worth the investment.

What is Melon?

Melon is a web-based livestreaming tool that helps you launch high-quality streams across multiple platforms.

Melon keeps you on brand by letting you personalize your stream with custom backgrounds, images, lower thirds, and other elements that you can resize and drag around the screen.

Thanks to Melon’s simulcasting, you can livestream on multiple platforms at once and figure out where your content resonates best, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, and via custom RTMP.

Once the views start rolling in, you can keep your audience engaged by using alerts and highlighting comments right from Melon’s livestreaming studio.


  • Monetize your livestreams with donations and recognize fans with real-time alerts, while getting 100% of your donation income
  • Set up and launch high-quality livestreams on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more, with easy guest invites for collabs
  • Record and livestream your content on a web-based, cloud-hosted platform, plus add custom logos, themes, overlays, and intros
  • Best for: Content creators and social media marketers who want to maximize their audience and earn cash via high-quality streams


Go live in 5 clicks

Nothing to install. No complicated set-up.Your guests do not need to make an account. They can just join your broadcast with one click.


  • Reach more people when you stream.Grow your audience. Go live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn at the same time.
  • You can do this with one click and we will take care of the rest. Custom RTMP works too!

Fast. Cloud-based

  • Blazing fast response time, low CPU usage, and minimal latency.
  • All processing is done in the cloud, preserving your computer.
  • Feel in the moment so that you can focus on your live broadcast.

Broadcast your way, in 1080p

  • Personalize your show. Make it yours by adding your logo, header, custom backgrounds, running news ticker, switching to full HD, and more.
  • As a host you have complete control over how you appear when you stream.

Engage with your audience and guests in real time

  • View stream chat from all your platforms and chat privately with guests during your broadcast.

Share your screen

Show your audience what’s on your screen. Share your entire screen, a specific application or specific tab in your browser. Your guests can share too!

Schedule your stream

Schedule your broadcast to give your audience heads up when and where you will be streaming so they can follow your stream and rally ahead of time.


  • Record your show and then upload to YouTube or stream your polished recording to any streaming platform.
  • You can also record and stream at the same time, giving you access to video files.

Local Recording

  • Record raw individual participants’ audio and video streams to your local computer.
  • These recordings will then be uploaded to the cloud and you can then download raw footage and edit/upload to YouTube & share with your team.


This deal gives lifetime access for Melon was $588 but now it is available at $99 only.

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