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Business overview

What is Mandatly?

  • Mandatly is a software company.Mandatly cookie and consent management portal enable organisations to comply with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD (Brazil), marketing laws and e-privacy directives.
  • Cookies have become essential for the web surfing experience, providing businesses with valuable data about their users’ online activities.
  • Cookies raise privacy issues for website visitors while also posing compliance problems for businesses. As a result, Cookie Compliance has become a requirement.
  • While ensuring the cookie compliance of their websites, organisations must know what cookies are being used and when they can access a website.
  • Mandate Cookie Compliance takes informed and voluntary users’ consent before using any cookies.
  • It also maintains documentation of all the cookie consent logs.
  • Mandatly Cookie Compliance enables users to change their cookie settings easily.
  • To activate this CMP, users must sign up to its portal.
  • After that, they need to insert the website URL in the Cookie scanner and get the website scanned.
  • Next, users need to customise their cookie consent banner and lastly, Mandatly collects the consent records and demonstrates compliance in its simplest form.


  • Mandatly is an enterprise-level cookie consent solution that creates cookie banners that comply with global privacy laws.
  • Offers the ideal GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and other privacy compliance solutions to manage privacy management activities, build accountability and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Automates your privacy management program and ensure compliance with minimal manual effort.
  • Built-in intelligence to analyze and assess risks, provide recommendations that enable mitigation.
  • Enhanced dashboard and reporting capabilities provide visibility and enable decision making.
  • Predefined PIA/DPIA questions templates, automated workflows and notification templates enable you to conduct assessments periodically and engage business teams and IT effectively.
  • Workflow driven surveys to identify systems and personal data sources to generate “Record of Processing Activities (RoPA).” Predefined process steps to maintain data inventory efficiently.
  • Fully automated process to fulfill DSAR, enabled with automated workflow and data discovery.


  • Configure cookie consent banners using pre-defined templates for GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD compliance
  • Automatically detect first and third-party cookies to instantly request explicit user consent
  • Best for Marketing agencies,Small businesses and Web design agencies
  • Alternative to CookieYes ,OneTrust,Secure Privacy,Termly,iubenda and Privacy Tools


  • Predefined cookie banner templates
  • Customization cookie banner
  • Automated cookie categorization
  • Automatic script blocking
  • Scheduled scan
  • Scheduled consent log report
  • Configurable cookie categories
  • Geotargeting cookie banner
  • Multiple language support
  • Monthly scan frequency
  • One daily manual scan
  • Unlimited banner design
  • Geolocation
  • Unlimited subdomain

Best for

  • Whether an organization is starting from scratch or has some foundational data, Mandatly’s platform is very flexible.
  • Existing documented processes, users and data types can be imported.
  • New program? Easy to navigate interface to assist in getting a data privacy program up and running.
  • The workflow and notification functions are simple to setup and manage.


This deal provides lifetime access to 500,000 max consent records for $69only

 Mandatly Lifetime Deal pricing plans

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