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Business overview

Mailivery uses AI to create, send, and positively interact with your email account, so you can improve your sender reputation and drive more sales.

Using GTP3 technology to generate AI emails, Mailivery sends emails that actually make sense and sound like a real person wrote them, so they’re less likely to be flagged as spam.These AI-generated emails also provide a positive sentiment, allowing you to “hack” the algorithms that determine your sender reputation.

How it works?

Connect your Email

You connect your Gmail, Google Workspace, or SMTP accounts, so we can send emails to our Mailivery inboxes. You set up the number of Mailivery Emails we are supposed to deliver and the desired response rate.​

We interact with Emails

We use AI to send unique emails to mailivery accounts, take them out of spam and categories (Social, Promotion, etc.), mark them as trusted, and respond. We do that by mimicking natural sending and response behavior.​

You become trusted

Email providers realize there is natural interaction in your account. More and more of your emails land in the inbox, not in the spam folder. Eventually, you increase your sender reputation and can increase sending limits.​


  • Send AI-generated emails and get positive replies, increasing your email reputation
  • Alternative to: Lemlist
  • Get statistics on email deliverability and where your emails land, including primary inbox, spam, and categories
  • Best for: Marketers, growth hackers, and founders that send cold B2B sales emails or want to grow their reach from a new address


  • Connect to Gmail, Google Workspace, Office 365, and any other email service
  • Analytics dashboard: spam rate, email health, and more
  • Team and user management
  • Real email text and AI-generated email content
  • Intelligent sending behavior
  • Email scheduling and balancing to mimic natural behavior
  • Peer2Peer interactions
  • Advanced settings (e.g., weekend sending, time zones, custom signatures, unique email identifiers, etc.)
  • Automatic email reading and moving


This deal gives lifetime access for mailivery starts at $59 for 5 email accounts.

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Price: $59

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