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Business overview

Even if your materials are solid, there’s not much to separate you from the competition and hold your prospects’ attention.

All you need is a tool that helps you spiff up your documents so you can nurture authentic relationships with prospects.

LoudDoc lets you personalize your marketing content by creating interactive, easily distributable web documents enhanced with audio and video notations.

Turn any file into a LoudDoc and narrate any page directly from your webcam or microphone, or upload an existing audio or video recording to use.

Once you’re finished, LoudDocs are a cinch to share with dedicated, branded links that work on any device—complete with actionable customer engagement tracking.

You can invite others to narrate pages with no extra accounts required, whether you want to loop in team members, stakeholders, or experts.

While you’re collaborating and sharing, you can also manage access to your LoudDocs with password protection and hide them from search engines.

Invite collaborators to add narrations to pages of your LoudDoc from their own devices.

Make an impression with clients by enhancing your presentations with animated notations, custom backgrounds, and branding.

You can even share LoudDocs via landing pages, embed codes, and social media to quickly expand your reach and find people on their favorite platform.

Customize your LoudDocs and share them via social media, email, or dedicated landing page.

Leverage real-time, per-page engagement tracking to discover what kind of impression you’re making—and reach out at the perfect time.

Get real-time customer engagement notifications analytics so you can reach out when the time is right.


  • Add audio and video notations to your presentations, newsletters, and brochures to build trust with clients
  • Alternative to: Loom, Vidyard, and Dropbox DocSend
  • Share documents with branded links and track real-time user engagement analytics
  • Best for: Demand gen and lead nurturing gurus who want to accelerate client relationships with confidence-building materials


  • Update anytime
  • Presentation themes
  • Edit existing LoudDocs
  • Your domain and branding
  • 1-minute narration per page
  • Real-time activity notices
  • Unlimited collections
  • Real-time feedback button


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