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Business overview

What is Loopin ?

Meetings are essential for any business, but they can be a headache to manage. With Loopin, everything changes. Loopin is a calendar-based workspace that makes meeting management easier than ever.

Loopin automates status updates so you never have to worry about missing a beat. And best of all, it’s free to use! So whether you’re looking for a way to streamline your meeting process or just want to get things done more efficiently, Loopin is the perfect solution.


Loopin is a tool that can be utilized to help you navigate your workday, whether it be meetings or tasks. With the right timing and contextual information as needed, Loopin allows you and your teams to stay in the loop always. Conduct effective meetings and manage productive workdays without getting caught up in a sea of applications.


  • Transform meetings on your calendar into meeting workspaces with past meeting recaps, notes, ongoing projects, and next steps
  • Block time for tasks on your calendar to make sure meetings don’t get in the way of work
  • Best for C-suite, Project managers, and Remote teams
  • Alternative to Fellow.app, Notion and Sunsama


  • Loopin web app and downloadable web app
  • Chrome extension
  • Unlimited external collaborators
  • Shared and private notes
  • Meeting templates
  • Calendar features and sync
  • Personal task boards
  • Task assignment and tracking
  • Task time blocking
  • Meeting insights and recaps
  • Weekly analytics
  • Integrates with: Zoom, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Slack, Asana, Trello, Notion, and all future integrations


  • Asana
  • Google Calendar
  • Notion
  • Slack
  • Trello

Pricing plans

This deal provides lifetime access to 1 Internal team user seats for $19 Only

  • Lifetime access to Loopin
  • All future Plus Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Loopin users who do not have existing accounts
  • A Google account is required to use Loopin
 Loopin Lifetime deal Pricing plans

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $19


Business KPI

Founded: 2021

Country:United States

Traffic: 874 /M

Revenue($): 1.7K /M

Moz DA: 24

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