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If only there was an easy and effective way to share news, announcements, and updates while showcasing what’s next with your product releases. Say hello to LoopedIn.

LoopedIn is an all-in-one solution for collecting customer ideas, building roadmaps, sharing announcements, and managing feedback.


  • Manage customer feedback and collect ideas that can be voted on through favorites or reactions
  • Alternative to: Canny, Prodpad, and Upvoty
  • Customize product roadmaps through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and notify customers about announcements and news
  • Best for: Product teams and SaaS businesses that want a better way to share their news and updates to online audiences


Collect ideas from your customers and let them vote, comment on, and follow their favorites!

LoopedIn empowers you to collect unlimited ideas from customers and allow them to vote, comment on, and follow their favorites.

Your team can manage, prioritize, merge, and promote ideas to functional roadmaps that keep customers up-to-date on future products. Display approved ideas on a public board and bring them to life by adding images, videos, and custom HTML.

Customize, share, and embed beautiful roadmaps and plans using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can build out product roadmaps, kanban boards, marketing plans, and more. The flexible roadmaps can be customized with categorical columns, allowing you to take control.

You can add, reorder, or remove roadmap columns, giving each one public or private viewing access whether at a custom domain or embedded as an iFrame.

LoopedIn lets you announce updates and news and embed these within your own website or web app via their widgets.

Using LoopedIn, you can also announce updates and news to customers by embedding widgets within your website or web app.

Create product announcements, news, and updates using the WYSIWYG editor, adding images, GIFs, videos, and more. And of course, keep your audience engaged with email notifications for important updates or posts, even when they’re away from your platform.

Quickly understand how you’re performing through the feedback dashboard and sentiment analysis.

You need to know how your posts perform, which is why LoopedIn allows you to collect feedback via text and emoji reactions, with the option to make feedback anonymous.

The platform’s AI sentiment feature can automatically detect positive, negative, neutral, and mixed feedback for statistical performance analysis.

Unless you’re an old school photography studio, there’s no need to keep your customers in the dark while you develop your products.


Get lifetime access to LoopedIn today with initial price $69. Let your audience in on the loop.

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