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What is LongTailPro?

  • Long Tail Pro is an SEO and keyword tracking platform that enables businesses to identify keyword competitiveness, conduct competitive analysis of Google SERPs, and track keyword ranking.
  • With Long Tail Pro, users can identify over 400 keywords from a single keyword and filter keywords based on average CPC bid, search volume, and rank value.
  • For Google SERPs, users are also able to view in-depth metrics such as domain keyword competitiveness, domain citation flow and trust flow, site age, and indexed links/URLs.
  • Long-tail pro came a long way since the desktop version of the product came out many years ago.
  • It’s now a full-fledged SEO tool. It’s not bad but it’s also not in the same league as tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush.
  • Long Tail Pro is a great keyword research tool that allows you to generate unique long tail keywords in minutes.
  • You can get thousands of suggestions from one single root keyword or you can even search multiple root keywords.


  • Long Tail enables marketers to discover profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche.
  • The data has plenty of relevant phrases that are three words or longer.
  • Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research & marketing tool it has many features keyword research, SERP analysis, Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis & Site Audit.
  • With keyword research tool is very helpful to get best ranking keywords.
  • With the site audit, you will get the overall result of the website from which you can make changes to the website where can increase its speed of the website. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.
  • The data contains a large number of three-word or longer sentences that have search volumes and can be used as keywords.


  • Instantly generate up to 400 long-tail keywords and track metrics like average CPC bid, search volume, and rank value
  • Conduct site audits to fix technical SEO issues and optimize your backlink strategy with built-in backlink analysis
  • Alternative to SEMrush
  • Best forContent creators,Marketing agencies and Small businesses


  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Keyword results include search volume (from Google data)
  • Keyword competitiveness score calculated by LongTailPro for each keyword searched
  • Keyword groups
  • Rank value feature to estimate the monthly value of ranking #1 for each keyword
  • Personal domain analysis and customized keyword competitiveness targets
  • Access to rank tracker email reports
  • Daily rank updates
  • Backlink analysis
  • Search for all backlinks, new backlinks only, or lost backlinks only
  • Plug-and-play template system: complete suite of templates to scale your SEO
  • Account management: 2 simultaneous logins
  • 5000 backlink rows per 24 hours
  • 1000 pages per crawl
  • 10 crawls per day
  • 10 crawls per project per month


  • Build a strong strategy from deeper analysis.
  • Monitor your Backlink opportunities.
  • Discover heaps of profitable keywords that are easy to optimize.
  • Keep your content updated for better conversions.
  • Scan and eliminate your Technical SEO issues.

Best for

Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research & marketing tool it has many features keyword research, SERP analysis, Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis & Site Audit.


  • Good tool for keyword research.
  • Rank tracker is useful feature.
  • Backlink analysis tool.
  • SERP analysis option.
  • Keyword competitiveness score.
  • Daily rank tracker updates.


This deal provides lifetime access for 5,000 keyword lookup per month for $69only

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