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What is Live2.Social?

Streann Media announced the launch of Live2. Social, the first multi-camera video app for iOS and Android. The disrupting service is the next-generation tool for content creators to produce outstanding quality video from their mobile devices with multiple camera angles.


  1. Live2Social, you can connect up to eight cameras for a seamless multi-camera streaming experience.
  2. Live2.Social puts you in the director’s chair of your live broadcast, so you’re delivering fresh, quality content on your terms.You’ll be able to create high-quality content like interviews, event coverage, and podcasts without breaking a sweat.
  3. Add custom graphics, text, and on-screen notifications to your broadcast to make your brand shine.
  4. Live2.Social also lets you include remote guests in your streams, so you can keep your content engaging and interactive.Not only can you broadcast live on social media, but you’ll also be able to record your content locally to post later.


  • Create and launch easy-to-operate multi-camera broadcasts without fancy equipment or a camera crew
  • Connect up to eight cameras and welcome remote guests easily via the Android or iOS app


  • Unlimited streaming destinations at a time
  • Unlimited streaming destinations per social platform
  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and custom RTMP
  • Limitless multi-streaming to all of your accounts
  • Live comments from social media accounts (Facebook chat)
  • No Live2.Social watermark in your streams
  • Video file recording
  • Add images, text, and lower thirds in live video
  • Add sound effects in live video
  • Multi-view combination templates


With Live2.Social, you can launch high-quality, multi-camera broadcasts without splurging on fancy equipment or a camera crew.


This deal provides lifetime access for Stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and custom RTMP for $79 only

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