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You’ve packed your site with relevant content, so it’s no surprise when site visitors get distracted by all your hyperlinks.

Adding hyperlinks can improve your website’s SEO, but that uptick in traffic is meaningless if users are immediately bouncing off your page.

If only there was a way you could preview link content, so visitors aren’t toggling between browser tabs or leaving your site. automatically adds link preview pop-ups so visitors can view and interact with hyperlink content without leaving your website. automatically generates mobile-friendly hyperlink previews for every link on your webpage.

Now, site visitors can interact with video, audio, presentations, and other rich content without leaving your website to open a bunch of new tabs.

Whether users are reading your blog or PDF, they can get a sneak peek into any linked content and avoid the tab overload.

Showcase the content of any hyperlink on your website with mobile-friendly pop-ups.

All you have to do is copy and paste one line of HTML code to add the script to your site, and your hyperlinks will be enhanced automatically.

You can even disable previews for certain links or elementsto have full control of your hyperlinks!

Integrate with major website builders, including Elementor, WordPress, and Wix.

There’s the option to automatically display media within your website, like YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks, or Instagram posts, when users click on a link.

Click on or hover over a hyperlink on your website to get an instant preview of the content.

Plus, you’re able to choose between light and dark modes to make your content even more immersive for readers—keeping them on the page for longer.

Display link previews in dark or light mode to provide a non-intrusive experience for your website visitors.

Trying to keep users on your webpage shouldn’t feel like you’re convincing a kid to read a picture book. generates interactive popups that give visitors a preview of linked content, so they never have to leave your website.


  • Automatically adds link preview pop-ups for hyperlinks on your website or blog to reduce bounce rates
  • Alternative to: ezLinkPreview, Peeklink, and Owlskip
  • Display rich media content with smart preview-on-hover or preview-on-click options
  • Best for: Bloggers, Content creators, and content marketers looking to keep site visitors on the page with link previews
  • Related categories: Web Development, Content, WordPress


  • Works on any website, blog, and ecommerce store
  • Smart pop-ups preview on hover
  • Immersive previews on click
  • No branding


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