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Business overview

What is Linke?

  • Linke is a URL shortener tool that evaluates and keeps a record of bio and short link traffic and notifies through SMS and email.
  • Linke is actively using 14 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF.
  • is a short & bio link tool that allow influencers, artists and marketers to create an unlimited bio pages with smart short links inside that alerts them if the hits upon these links goes viral (Buzz) or if the original links do not work correctly.
  • It also allows customizing and use a different preview of the link in each social network & let you create targeted redirections adapted to the country, the operating system and the browser of your users


Linke analyzes the traffic evolution of your link and if he notices that the hits increase rapidly, and suddenly he alerts you by SMS and email, it may be a buzz

* At each new visits on your short link, Linke check the status of the real link and if it returns an error or a timeout it alerts you by SMS & Email. Your real link is down!

* Customize the sharing preview of your links, use a different preview for each social network.

* Use your own domain names for short & bio links.

* Integrate an unlimited retargeting pixels into shortened links & bio pages.

* Define multiples redirections for your links and target by OS, By Browser and by countries or use the right combination for your needs.

* All the classics: Analytics, QR codes, custom names, & more.


  • All-in-one complete solution to manage, analyze, target & track all your shared short links bio pages
  • Analyzes the traffic evolution of your link
  • Check the status of the real link and if it returns an error or a timeout it alerts you by SMS & Email
  • Use your own domain names for short & bio links
  • Alternatives to : Bitly,Rebrandly,BL.INK,TinyURL,GoLinks,Sniply,T2M URL Shortener and Bitly.Pk


  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label


  • We have to send continuous links to many of the clients vide mails and SMS.
  • It leads to resize the text limit of the sending SMS. With this tool, the URL link of the portal can be shortened and can be accepted by major telecom service providers.
  • It allows the user to set the prefix of the organization along with the link.
  • It also supports bulk connections to shorten at a time, and it saves time for multiple entries.

Best for

  • For sending the link to stakeholders and customers, the link size and text must be small.
  • This tool exactly works for this.
  • It helps in shortening the link text, which enables the user to use it effectively and can share as and when needed.
  • Its simple interface permits to enter the existing URL and enter the required preset text as per the requirement, and the rest of the link will shorten quickly. It’s very good.
  • Remote teams


This deal provides lifetime access for Add unlimited custom domains for $29only

Linke lifetime deal pricing plans

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