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Business overview

Ligna is a complete sales and marketing platform with every feature you need to close clients, manage content, oversee projects, and track every detail.

The sales and marketing stack allows you to automate follow-up using email, voicemail, SMS, call-forwarding campaigns, and social channels to engage your audience.You can even generate email templates and track all of your outreach in easy-to-follow timelines, ensuring that you’re following up on every lead.

The project management tool allows PMs to designate tasks and responsibilities collaboratively, so everyone has full visibility and accountability.

Project managers or other admins can easily create content pages, knowledge management databases, and learning management courses to get everyone on the same page.

Thanks to the multi-layered white label options, you’ll be able to fully customize every aspect of the system to your brand or your client’s brand.


  • Automate follow up, close clients, and easily collaborate with team members
  • Alternative to: HighLevel
  • Use built-in tools like CMS and automated social publishing to build and market directly for your clients
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and growth hackers looking for a fully loaded platform for sales and marketing

Plans and Features

  • Marketing automation (email, SMS, and voice)
  • CRM and lead management (unlimited leads and accounts)
  • Unlimited sites, funnels, and blogs
  • Unlimited projects and task management
  • Unlimited voice minutes (tracking, VoIP, and IVR)
  • Unlimited social scheduling and curation accounts


Get lifetime access 15,000 emails per month at just only $69

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