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Business overview

Leanbe is a platform that helps you collect user feedback, make a data-driven product roadmap, and announce product updates

Collect feedback and feature requests from different sources, including a standalone page hosted on your website’s domain

Centralize all the data into a single hub for comprehensive data analysis

The Chrome extension lets you highlight text on a page and turn it into an individual element in the same hub

Share your public development board and let users vote to find out their top picks

Use idea boards to discuss future plans and collect feedback from team members

Create a product roadmap with release notes and embed it on your website

Add animated images and videos to your roadmap, making them visually appealing and easy to follow

Using AI, Leanbe organizes feature requests and feedback according to their urgency, importance, value, and business impact

Get a comprehensive analysis of users’ backgrounds, including demographics, geolocation, engagement, and voting history

Access data about specific feature requests and get in touch with everyone who up-voted to discuss key details

Make data-driven predictions on the next steps in your product development process

Send eye-catching notifications to keep customers in the loop on product updates with the notification widget

The release notes can be published on a news feed page that’s easy for all your users to access

Integrate social share buttons on your content, so customers can share updates with their networks and plug your business


  • Collect user feedback and feature requests from various channels and put them in a centralized platform
  • Alternative to: Productboard
  • Analyze and prioritize what to build next based on up-voted results and AI analysis
  • Best for: Product management teams that want to an easy way to build user-oriented and data-driven products


  • Unlimited page views
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited notification widgets
  • Custom domain
  • Custom redirection
  • Custom categories
  • Social sharing
  • Notification scheduling
  • Feedback analytics
  • CRM
  • Request prioritizing mechanism
  • Notification scheduling


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